Dance with Vera Kywa

Party/Wedding Manager

What is a Private Party Manager?

What is a Wedding Reception Manager?

Planning a wedding reception, anniversary party, major birthday party, or family reunion can be a big job with lots of details to be addressed. When the day finally arrives someone has to do the job of implementing and managing those details until the festivities are over. At wedding receptions a trusted friend or family member will often step in and take over but then they can not enjoy the pleasure of being a guest.

At wedding receptions someone has to inform the DJ what music to play and when - notify him when the wedding party will come in and how the introduction and dances will unfold - when the cake will be cut and when the bouquet/garter belt will be thrown and what music should be played at that time. Someone has to make sure the room is not too cool or too hot for the guests, that the food is brought out at the right time and the lights are turned down for dancing. Someone has to start the party, lead the line dances so people will feel comfortable to get out of their seats, dance and have fun. Someone has to keep an eye on things, tend to the needs of the bridal party as well as guests, do the back and forth running around so everything moves smoothly, without a glitch, and YOU .... can relax.

With over 25 years experience as a major event promoter, planning and following up on the complete details of large dinner dance events, Vera Kywa has become the perfect choice for your private party or wedding reception manager to coordinate all your details during your event so you and your family/guests don't have to. Vera Kywa can choreograph and teach the wedding dance (or anniversary dance), father-daughter/mother-son dance, and wedding party dance. She can coordinate the bride and grooms entrance and exit off the floor and oversee all the details prior and after. She can teach the line dances and get everyone on the floor having a rockin' time while you sit back, take a deep breath, and enjoy.

Have the party everyone will rave about for months by having the expert manage the work for you!

Please feel free to contact Vera for rates and more information at or phone 717.751.2475